Friday, 12 February 2016

Jen and Jon, Brathay Hall, Windermere Lake District

Jen and Jons Lake District wedding

I have known Jen for a long time, in fact since we were 4 years old. Its always a pleasure to photograph an old friends wedding. It adds a whole different dynamic to the photography, as you don't just know the Bride and Groom, but also all their family too! Everyone is a little more relaxed as it isn't quite as strange as have 2 strangers pointing a camera in your face all day!

Jen's parents have a house in the Lake district, and as they spend a lot of time here they decided to get married up there. It is a spectacular place, so we were excited for the images we would get. Let me note that Jen is also ridiculously attractive, which also always helps!

We decided to make a week of the trip and took the boys ( and my parents to baby sit) i have also failed to mention that i was on crutches for many of the weddings this summer as i am awaiting surgery on my knee. Not that this would stop me getting a great photo. I was still clambering styles and scrambling through the country side!

Jen and Jon also had a photobooth, but i will blog this separately!

We were pretty lucky with the weather really, the rain held off all day, but it was a tad windy and not that warm. However it does make for some fun pictures when veils and confetti and blowing all over the place. The brides may not agree!!

Jen and Jon had a vintage Morgan they drove around, so after the ceremony we followed them off to some of their favourite spots around the area. I mean the lake district is so beautiful we would be doing something wrong if we didn't get gorgeous pictures 

We stopped outside this farm, with the hope that they wouldn't mind us taking pictures outside their barn doors, but they were too cool not to try our luck. No one came out and said anything though which was a relief! I wouldn't have been too fast in my get away on the crutches!!

We then headed back to Brathay Hall at the head of Lake Windermere, where they had a tee-pee on the grounds. The view was something to die for. Inside Jen and Jon had set it up for everyone to have afternoon tea, with cups and sauces and cake stands.

Jen and Jon's afternoon tea was quaint and so English, with beautiful touches all over the tee pee

 We will end on some of the spectacular views that the lake district has to offer.

 Again, always and honour to be part of someones wedding day, especially when it is someone you have known for so long.

Congratulations guys
lots of love xxxx

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sam and Phil- Abbeywood estate

Its one of those oops times again,

I seem to have got amazingly behind on the old blog, so it is my new years resolution to get some of our weddings from the last year online, as they are just too gorgeous to miss off here.

I am going to start with Sam and Phil. Many moons ago Mark used to live next door to Sam and her family, and when they got engaged they came to see us.

They are still local and had their wedding at Norley Church followed on by the wedding reception at Abbeywood Estate in Delamere.

The venue is beautiful as is the surrounding area of Delamere forest.


 Sam got ready in their family home, but they were mid moving house, just to really add to the pressure of a wedding. However they were all so relaxed you would never have known.


Sam was surrounded by her family and friends in the morning all helping to get ready in the morning.

All the flowers and details were really beautiful. The attention to detail was done very well and really finished off the look of the church to a high standard.

Sam really loves her animals especially horses, so it made absolute sense to have a horse drawn carriage, its always really nice when you are not going too far as well, as it gives you a bit of contemplative time and to be able to gather your thoughts


I always love the grooms waiting for the Bride shots, and i also love these too, however, Phil looks pretty relaxed in these shots, not too much tension and worry on his face.

After a beautiful wedding ceremony, the bride and groom went off in the horse drawn carriage to Abbeywood Estate. When we arrived we took Sam and Phil off for a small walk on their own for a few photo opportunities. Abbeywood and its stunning grounds make for some stunning photographs.

Sam and her mum really went to town on decorating the venue. It looked spectacular, and her mum made the cake herself. I think she could change her day job. it was amazing!!

 Sam and Phil's day was a relaxed and fun filled family affair, but it certainly did not scrimp on the details. The flowers and table decorations were some of the best i have seen. As always it is an honour and privilege to be asked to be part of anyones special day.

Thanks guys.

Happy marriage