Saturday, 11 February 2012

Megan and Simon- The Ashes

Megan and Simon,  A really lovely couple who were relaxed and seemed game for most things.
Megan is a primary school teacher and Simon is a photographer

Photographing another photographers wedding should seem like a daunting task, but as they had seen our work and loved it we were really comfortable with them. We had met with the couple a few times before the wedding, and got a good idea about what sort of thing they would be looking for.

We met Megan at the hotel they would be staying in, for the getting ready shots with her mum and bridesmaids. Everyone was really lovely and friendly. They had a really warm family vibe about the whole wedding. 
Her mum brought all the flowers up from Devon and she was also doing Megan's hair.

Megan and Simon had hired a coach to take all their guests up the Venue where they were getting married and having their reception. 

Their reception venue was the beautiful 'The Ashes' in Staffordshire

The drive up was stunning, the only down side to the whole day was that it did not stop raining once.

Despite the horrible weather nothing could take the smiles off everybodies faces. The staff at 'The Ashes' were ready with Umbrellas, the driver of the car and we had our double umbrella that you can see in the photo's so no one was getting soaked.

The whole look of the day was a vintage shabby country feel which really worked well with the venue and the setting. Megan's flowers were almost wild garden looking which matched in beautifully with the deep cream of her dress and the purple of the Bridesmaids. 

At the Venue they have a separate room where the couple took their vows, which almost had a chapel like feel to it. Megan and Simon had decorated them with Shabby Hearts and reserved labels which looked fab. To keep in line with a family orientated wedding Simon's Auntie married them, so they were really relaxed through the service.


The wedding coordinator let us up through the back and onto the balcony to take the above shot and the whole group photo as it was pouring down no one really wanted ti venture outside. We did manage to get Megan and Simon out on their own for a private portrait shoot with the umbrellas. They were a lot of fun to work with and realised if they wanted the pictures they were going to have to go for it. They were the perfect couple to work with as they were willing and realised if they didn't go for it they would loose out on those photos forever. Maybe because Simon is a photographer he has a good understanding that you can not help the weather!

So there is a fairly pregnant me running around with umbrellas, reflectors and holding bouquets. All in a good days work. Not sure i would manage it this month as i am about to pop!!!

 As you can see from the pictures even though it rained all day the gorgeousness of the setting is still evident, if not adding a slightly different kind of beauty to the backdrop to your sunny day.

I think as long as couple come to expect rain ( it is England after all) and just take the umbrella you can get some wonderful pictures that are a bit different from everyone else. I mean there is nothing you can do to control the weather so you either go for it and have some fun, or you will end up stressing about it.

Just managing to capture the geese crossing the road!

Their wedding was overall a fun filled day with family at the heart of it. Their cake was made by a family friend and they left a basket of flip flops for tired feet at the end of the day. Little touches that really go to make the day special for each other but for your guests as well.

Due to the rain we did end up staying a while longer to capture a few group shots but were then also contending with the dark, but just for the boys we managed to take a few more pictures.

 This has become one of my favourite weddings, with its vintage shabby country feel to it, but not in an overdone way that has become very fashionable at the moment. It was how i would fancy my wedding to be now if we did it all again. The couple being so amenable always helps and were a joy to spend their wedding day with.

Overall a gorgeous couple and wedding and hopefully our pictures do that justice!!

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  1. Can't believe I'm only just reading this blog, oops!
    I would HIGHLY recommend Mark and Fliss for all your photography needs! They are an amazing team : ) They have a knack of putting you at ease and getting the best out of you without you even realising it xx
    We thought the weather conditions on our wedding day may have put a 'dampener' on the photos, but in actual fact it gave them a unique perspective and Felicitations Wedding Photography made the very best of the opportunity!
    Thanks guys, wish we could do it all over agin this october!