Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sarah & Doug Heaton House Farm

Sarah and Doug!
A lovely and very relaxed couple, at times difficult to get hold of and an album finished and completed. Sarah is a sister of an old uni friend that Mark lived with, although we did not really know her, we did know David and his parents. Sarah and Doug were a joy to work with as they we just so chilled out.

She had a whole load of flower girls that were just pretty and willing to have their pictures taken!

We didnt spend a long time at Sarahs in the morning, but long enough to get these lovely picures.

 I always love seeing the grooms face when they look back at the bride

Sarah choose to have her veil over her face which i thought was a lost tradition, but really quite touching.

Doug comes from a large family and the wedding had a definite family feel, with children all over the place really enjoying the day

The venue Heaton House Farm were really welcoming and very amenable with the photos, happy for the cars to driven onto the grass for pictures. The grass was a bit damp as it was a November wedding ( see, very relaxed couple, not long had their album! ) so we took a few more pictures in the car with the very impressive vista in the background

The view is just spectacular at Heaton House farm, well worth a look if you are looking for an impressive backdrop for your wedding, and they were all really lovely their too!

Doug and his family have a fleet of articulated lorries, so they all travelled up in style! With many photos being taken with them.

We normally try and take the couple off on their own for some photos, just so they are not being papped by all their guests too, and so we know we have some relaxed photos of just the couple. We did go around the farm and their guests were very good by allowing us some space with Sarah and Doug on their own.

The Super Glamourous Heaton House Farm

The one thing with this couple is we never struggled with catching a loving look between themselves and they couldnt take their eyes off each other all day xxx

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